Here are four reasons what causes water stress in India

Before we learn about the causes, we will first understand a bit about water stress.

Water stress occurs when there is not enough water for agriculture, industrial and domestic use.


When water demand exceeds the available water during a certain period of time.

Water Demand > Water Availability = Water Stress!

Here are the four major reasons that cause water stress in India:

1- Over Consumption:  The water use efficiency in developed countries is 50 – 60% as compared to only 38% in India. 

2- Water Pollution:  About 70% of surface water in India is polluted. So when the water is polluted, that means it's not readily available for direct use. This reduces available water and may also cause water stress.

3- Population: India is one of the most populated countries in the world. The increased population in urban areas increases the water demand of the city, which may lead to water stress.

4-  Climate change: Climate change impacts the water cycle by influencing when, where, and how much precipitation falls. This causes extreme weather conditions which cause flood or drought in various regions of India, hence reducing the water availability.


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